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NEO Session (english)

Remotesession during the next 48h

  • 1 Std
  • 44 Euro
  • Remotely


All of our problems and stuck in conflicts are based on old belief and trauma loops, which we can only slowly and slowly change on the behavioral level. You could also say that all problems / severity are based on the fact that we ourselves "are too far away from home, we have forgotten who we really and truly are. -This RESET session helps you to get on with your deeper knowledge, your The deepest creative healing power and the heart's desire that is linked to it. It opens a new door for you, through which you can then go. Home to yourself to start anew. It helps you to redesign your life game, beyond these learned and appropriated patterns and loops. You will feel lighter, freer, further, miracles will happen and healings will be possible ... I work with you on a deeper level of being and consciousness, thereby helping to remove old patterns and disturbances from your field. This is much faster and easier at this level. It's like wiping away shadows, ghosts, contaminated sites, opening gates and opportunities and removing external layers that you have unconsciously built. I am not adding anything, I cannot take anything away from YOU. It speeds your way. The way to really be more and more YOU yourself and to live your chosen purpose joyfully and easily. We don't have to do everything alone and we don't have to make it harder than necessary, do we? It's like magic. I see the issue of what gets stuck and am able to give your being the support you need right now. Completely individual; every session is different. Everyone is different. Everything is possible in this theta or delta state. The experience afterwards will maybe open a deeper level of healing and letting go of old stuff, old emotions: So let them go, do not loose your faith and enjoy the ride. It will result in a deeper connection to yourself, others and yours dream world.


Coaching Katrin Lehner - Praxis für Psychotherapie, Beratung und Coaching, Stubenrauchstraße, Berlin, Deutschland

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